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Vienna: Austrian Dream

Wie gehts? willkommen zu meiner wiener geschichte!

To reminisce my Europe trip anniversary I’d tell you peps what I had in mind about my time in Vienna, Austria. I went there with one of my best friend “Chika”. I’m gonna tell you more about how we’ve ended up going to Europe in a separate post.

So, we’re spending 5 days in Vienna. Actually, this is quite long considering that we’re not visiting another city in Austria like Salzburg. I think this is because we’re to stick with the itinerary we set for the Visa application. We arrived in Vienna early in the morning after got around 5 hours of layover in Bangkok because we departed with Thai Airlines.

We rent an Airbnb located in Familienplatz, it’s a good studio with complete amenities and the location is strategic to reach almost every list we had because it’s walking distance to bus stops and tram. Our first day in Vienna we spent to visit the famous Cafe Central and roam around Michaelerplatz and Hofburg Palace. We closed the day by getting a plate of delicious pasta from Vapiano.

When I wrote this actually I full of doubt that I don’t back up my old phone and could have been saved my photos in the EU. I forget that I don’t fully post all of my fragmented memories a year ago there.

2nd Day: Immersing the old Vienna

Up here are pictures of our second day, visiting Schonbrunn Palace where Marie Antoniette used to live with her family before married to the France King. A typical winter season in Europe is definitely a winter market, we really enjoyed the market where we ordered a cup of coffee and I bought a small piece of Wanner Waffer.

We went back to our apartment after that, I changed my coat with a puff one, we're going to St. Stephen, while we go around, visiting stores and finding McD for dinner. Not far from this, we spotted Pestsäule. We're continuing our visit to the town hall area and found another Christmas Festival, food stalls, souvenirs, ice skating arena, even Ferris wheel are available here.

We got our very first Wiener Schnitzel here for dinner, not to mention a cup of hot chocolate and mini Jagermeister to keep me warm.

3rd Day: Another Palace, another fun-seeking

Hmmm, this is the day when both me and Chika are frustrated enough with what we have from Jakarta. I decided to buy a cheap knitted hat and winter sneakers at H&M, and Chika bravely bought a new puff jacket and leave her old one in the changing room. I do regret that I put quite a lot of stock of clothes (well not really but I do), it makes my bag quite heavy and not ready to really welcome a lot of new stuff inside.

Back before this shopping scheme happened, we're visiting Belvedere Palace. Compare to Schonbrunn, this palace required us to took the bus quite far and walked farther. Belvedere is a much humble kind of well-designed palace because it's designed for the summertime.

4th Day: Art is calling your wondering soul...

The most awaited moment has happened this day, I went to Mumok Museum with Chika and I can say that this museum having a unique space design. They also have a mini cafe inside the museum, we're having coffee and cakes after our stroll.

Mumok is a very interesting Museum, some of the arts of course not just our level of understanding hahaha. But we fell in love with the installation area, there's an installment of a coffee shop, complicated musical instruments, and even a naked lady poetry/statue.

St. Peter's is a Church that actually located right in the heart of shopping and tourist attraction in Vienna, we do not get inside because its under renovation. And the peak of our Vienna experience shall be rewarded to our first opera experience at Wiener Staatsoper! Wohooo...

We watched Hansel and Gretel...and its amusing for sure... here's a snap of our tickets.

I think this enough for the Wien part, I'll see you in another city stories.

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