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Pilot Trekking Experience: Ijen Crater

For me, Trekking is like a very imaginable kind of activity. Like I never wonder that I finally would do it in my life. I trekked for the first time back when I was in Banyuwangi, and Ijen Crater is the first trekking track I've tried.

We're off from our hotel around 12 AM in midnight, we traveled by car around one hour and reached the trekking start point. I began the 2.5-hour trek down into the Ijen Crater along a yellow sulphuric hiking track. It's very windy and cold up there, at first I kind of take it easy but then as I climbed more I started to feel the fatigue.

I'm not that friendly with a low degree, aside from it does very tired. I started to get freeze as I reached the peak of Ijen. But I keep managed my self to climb to the top to catch the sunrise as the stunning panorama is unveiled at an altitude above sea level.

We took it slow when we go back down, we stopped once in a food stall to go to the toilet and drink a cup of hot tea. Well, it is really surprised me that I survived the trekking without taking the human taxi (locals who offer to get you into a cart and carry you up or down). Many people choose that way when they surrender with the trek. Mas Irul, my tour guide from @trulybanyuwangi during my whole Banyuwangi trip is the one who keeps supporting me to not give up and keep trekking to the top.

Well, here are several things I learned from my trekking experience:

- Go in a group

- Join an Open Trip or hire a guide

- Wear thermal clothes (in my case, it's even better for you to wear a winter coat)

- Don't forget a hat and gloves

- Rent or bring your Gas Mask (to survived the sulfur smells)

- Wear a non-slippery shoes

- Drink enough water and eat first

- Charge your phone and prepare your camera for the awesome scenery

To conclude everything I had in mind about this, of course, this trip wouldn't a huge fun without help from @trulybanyuwangi, it's not a sponsored post but I would definitely love to recommend them to you who wish to visit Banyuwangi without hassle.

Thought that it's hard I still proud of how I can conquer Ijen...

Lots of Love,


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