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What They Said...

Chritsta Astika, S.Sos. MM. | GKinvest

Gita is brilliant young women with high talent especially in public relations and event management. She managed Wi2FLY brand from the scratch as offline marketing with her ambitious personalities which is good to build a brand becoming more popular in Indonesian market. Sharp and good personalities, and surely I will recommend her for any offline marketing and public relations project.

Fajria Aulina | Student at Universitas Indonesia

She is a professional educator, while she teaches media monitoring she always taught the important and much detail things that make us (students) very helpful in understanding it.

My sister, the smartest colleague I have worked with.

Gita knows how to execute plans effectively and really do matter the achievement and do the job as well as possible.

Her knowledge in PR and offline marketing is outstanding.

Highly recommended!

Alexander Rachmatullah | CTS Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

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