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The Rise of Banyuwangi

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Hi Peps! It’s been a long time since I’m not talking about an experience. Well a month ago I just went to Banyuwangi, it’s a sudden trip and I bravely took the moment after considering that it’s November and I still have like 9 days left for annual leave.

I went to BWX with my friend Reza (then turned to be my boyfriend), at first we thought about a trip because we found out that we’re both planned to go to Sumba and Labuan Bajo in November. Since both of our cliques canceled their plan, so then we’re starting to think about an option. I always wanna go to BWX, I’ve been thinking about Baluran and Ijen Crater for quite some time and surprisingly Reza interested in this destination (FYI, his friends just went to BWX like a week before our departure).

With Citilink Airlines we’re bound for BWX at 5 am in the morning, got a bit tension waiting for Reza who happened to just arrived at the airport around 20 minutes before the departure.

1st Day: D’jawatan - Osing Tourism Village - Jagir Waterfall

Djawatan...Hmmm mesmerizing the vibes of Lord of The Ring in this former state-owned company site is such a must for tourists. Eventually, this is only good for photo spots and picnic. I don’t think that there’s more to explore.

After that, we took quite a long route to visited Osing Tourism Village where we enjoyed chocolate drinks compliment. Here you can spot a lot of dancer statues, aside from that this venue has an outdoor amphitheater that would be really lovely to watch a direct cultural performance at.

At Osing’s I started the series of “Gita got no business free vacation” by accessing my laptop and start to work from distance. From Osing’s we’re heading back to the hotel and stopped at Jagir Waterfall. At Jagir there are some tourists that swim around and enjoying nature. We pass a coffee plantation along the road until we stop at this tiny coffee stall that served a very good fresh coffee. I can see an old man roasting coffee beans in humid weather, well this my first time directly watch how a glass of coffee is being processed from raw. I choose house blend beans, not put much sugar in that fragrant hot coffee and it tasted amazing. To be honest, I’m not that long black type of coffee drinker, but I’ll do this one.

Dialoog Hotel

Talk about where we stayed, during our first night we’re staying at Dialoog Hotel. This accommodation is already well-known for its Instagram-able spots, you don’t need to stay at the hotel to visit this Bali alike vibes hotel. They have a restaurant/cafe you can’t sit on and enjoyed the scenery in. Well, surely they do have a good sunrise, though we do spend sometimes during the afternoon to relax and enjoy the beach and mountain view.

to be continued...

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