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Africa van Java

On the second day of the Banyuwangi trip, I went to my most awaited spot to visit there. You know what it is… It’s Savana Bekol in the heart of Baluran National Park, well-known as Africa Van Java.

To be honest, I first noticed this spot through Raisa’s music video called “Jatuh Hati”, it’s vibrantly different vibes with the city through the humid is somehow killing.

Here you can find some Savana animals species like monkeys and deers, they live in a free environment where you can’t predict where exactly you can spot them. We stayed at Baluran until the sunset and it is freaking cool. Ijen is the background of the fantastic scenery. While waiting for the sunset, we’re stopped at a signal-free spot in the national park where we can find a beach. I can say that this is such all in one kind of place for tourism.

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